Who is Cru?

A Group of Believers 

Every semester, all the Cru staff around the world take a day away from our “regular” routine to pray together.  On Tuesday, October 2nd, it was my first time joining all the staff at head quarters to pray for God’s work around the world through all people.  The most encouraging part for me is when we all stood together to reaffirm and read our statement of faith.


I think it was especially encouraging to know that I stood in a room with people who vote differently, sing on Sunday differently, speak various languages, eat different foods and still all love Jesus.  We were all made in the image of God, just like every person on earth, and in addition to that, because of the Son of God, we are also all family.


Judy, Mary, Gwen, Tabitha Call & Response Conference

Early September I was privileged to attend the first Call and Response Conference in Rochester, NY.  I shared how Cru does campus ministry with a seminar.  Across the hall, my boss and friend, Gwen Smith (bottom left), shared what it’s like for ethnic minorities to constantly function cross culturally.  Earlier that afternoon, another friend, Rasool Berry, shared about Jesus, Justice and the Jubilee.  Throughout the entire conference, which celebrated black voices in the Church today, our president’s wife and leader of Global Staff Woman, Judy Douglass (top left), joined us.  She never left to be in a more comfortable position and neither did she disengage when she was present.  I learned a little more about her beautiful heart and wonderful spirit to uplift those around her for the glory of God.  Cru is full of supportive leaders.


Cru is also a community of friends.  I was able to travel to Arizona a few weeks ago in my Research & Care role with Cru, to care for my friend Emma who is grieving the loss of her mother.  That’s never an easy thing to go through and no matter how many friends we have in life, we always need a few more during those darkest moments.

A lot more has happened over this last month, but as I continue to learn about Cru’s role in God’s big story, I’m super grateful for your part in helping me belong to this supportive family of believers.


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